HM Bark Endeavour Journal Dated 28 April 1770

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Joseph Banks 28 April 1770 – Botany Bay

At 1 we came to an anchor abreast of a small village consisting of about 6 or 8 houses.  Soon after this an old woman followed by three children came out of the wood; she carried several piece[s] of stick and the children also had their little burdens; when she came to the houses 3 more younger children came out of one of them to meet her.

…as soon as we approached the rocks two of the men came down upon them, each armed with a lance…They called to us in a harsh sounding language…shaking their lances and menacing, in all appearance resolved to dispute our landing to the utmost tho they were but two and we 30 or 40 at least.

In this manner we parlyed with them for about a quarter of an hour, they waving to us to be gone, we again signing that we wanted water and that we meant them no harm.

They remained resolute so a musquet was fird over them, the effect of which was that the Youngest of the two dropped a bundle of lances on the rock at the instant in which he heard the report; he however snatched them up again and both renewed their threats and opposition.

A Musquet loaded with small shot was now fird at the Eldest of the two who was about 40 yards from the boat; it struck him on the legs but he minded it very little so another was immediately fird at him; on this he ran up to the house about 100 yards distant and soon returned with a shield.

In the meantime we had landed on the rock.  He immediately threw a lance at us and the young man another which fell among the thickest of us but hurt nobody;

2 more musquets with small shot were then fird at them on which the Eldest threw one more lance and then ran away as did the other.

We went up to the houses, in one of which we found the children hid behind the shield and a piece of bark in one of the houses… We were conscious from the distance the people had been from us when we fird that the shot could have done them no material harm; we therefore resolvd to leave the children on the spot without even opening their shelter