A Vision For A National Act Of Recognition

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On Monday, June 30, 1997, at 9:00 am, I was sitting with God in my daily quiet time. Several matters for prayer came and went. Presently I found my prayers turning to the issue of relationships between Indigenous and non-indigenous Australians.

A particular focus fell on talk of a possible boycott of the 2000 Olympic Games.I was deeply troubled by all the implications of this for everyone. I began to pray for alternatives, ones which could produce more positive outcomes and bring benefits for all people.

Increasingly I began to sense the presence and power of the Lord, with a word being spoken. It had the same strength and character of previous experience on a city street in Canberra, and then later on a beach when I felt strongly commanded to get leaders in ministry together with leaders of government, to pray with them.

An entire picture opened up before me. It centred on the landing by the English in April 1770.

And into that picture, a voice spoke, “When all are gathered for the Olympics, go and get a Tall Ship…and sail into Botany Bay…and re-enact the landing by the English on that day. And this time around, do it in a way that is right.” The vision came complete with some detail.

The broad outline went like this:

As a new day dawns, a Tall Ship stands off the shore in Botany Bay.

A small landing craft carries a party to the shore.

They stand on the beach, looking up into the land.

Openly, honestly, they acknowledge an original people are already living here.

They agree to go and ask if they may stay, and make their home with them.

Original inhabitants and new arrivals meet.

The newcomers are received.

Still on the beach, Indigenous and non-indigenous commit themselves to care for each other.

A man pledges this promise to a man.

A woman pledges this promise to a woman.

A youth pledges this promise to a youth.

A child pledges this promise to a child.

The whole multitude, 100,000 people, move from the beach and up into the land.

Gathered together, we then offer our worship to God our Father through Jesus Christ our Lord, offering praise and thanksgiving for His loving kindness toward us, and for this opportunity. There will be people present who will be available to speak with those who will want to respond to God on that day. On that day, Australia begins a new dimension in her life.

I look forward to hearing what you believe God is saying to you on this matter.

Yours in the Lord Jesus,

Lindsay McDowell


Southern Cross Ministries Australia

Incorporated10 July 2000