Recognition News – 22 August 2014

Dear Sisters and Brothers…greetings.

This follows Recognition News circulated on 27 November last year…and we have good news! Our Leadership Team is delighted to make an announcement that brings us great joy.

Mr Rodney Rivers has kindly agreed to join our Recognition Leadership Team. Rodney is from the Kimberley in West Australia, a man of the Gooniyandi People. He now lives in Perth with his wife Glenys. Other family members also live in Perth.

Rodney is an ideal person to help advance A National Act of Recognition (often referred to now as Recognition at Botany Bay). He is known, respected and loved across the vast region of the West.

He has worked tirelessly for this vision for some years. He opened the way to cast the Recognition Story right across the Kimberley, on more than one occasion taking me on thousands of kilometres by road to meet with the members of a great number of communities. Rodney introduced me to people in other places around Australia where he is known as well.

In addition, he has taken the really strong initiative of producing, along with John Blacket of Khesed Productions in Perth, the DVD titled, “This Time: Get it Right!”. This DVD tells the Recognition at Botany Bay Story in such a way it is very effective in explaining it to people in remote communities across the “Top End”. With English sub titles, it is great for general viewing as well. It can also be viewed on YouTube.

We welcome Rodney, and ask for your prayers for him and Glenys as we go forward in serving each other and all Australians, and our First Peoples in particular, in this Recognition at Botany Bay Story.

Our Leadership Team at present lacks the gender balance we want. It just happens to have worked out that way for now. Further positions will need to be filled over time and when that happens our top priority will be to honour the strong leadership women bring to this mission.

We will keep you informed on our labours towards bringing justice and healing to our land and people.

Grace and peace,

Reverend Lindsay McDowell
Chair Southern Cross Ministries Australia Chair A National Act of Recognition

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